Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jenny lately

today in the car Jenny is chattering away and also asking one question every 30 seconds. not simple ones to answer either. like
"what is a sunset?"
"why does that happen?"
"but why?"
"well i don't like it"
she stops her chattering for 5 seconds and says:
"why isn't Troy talking?"
i said "He doesn't talk much huh?"
she said "well I talk much"
yes. yes we know.


today i was brushing out jenny's 2 feet of hair and it was a crazy mess --the worst it has ever been. it took me 20 minutes. i was starting to think i would never get done. meanwhile Jenny was holding one hat in each hand. and Troy comes up and wants a hat. she is not wanting to share, he is wanting to steal. well i couldn't take that anymore so i swiped both of those hats and put them away and endured about 30 seconds of total meltdown from both kids. Still with my hairbrush working thru her tangled hair Jenny is protesting her awful unfair life.
me: "listen up i am busy back here and we have things to do. and having a Hat Fight is not on our To Do list today."
Jenny: (all innocent and sweet) "well is being nice on your to do list?"
ba ha ha ha ha. let me check. no.


deep thoughts from Jenny riding in car:

"momma, boogers aren't good for me. i shouldn't eat them. i should eat healthy food like you are always telling me to eat"
thats right Jenny. boogers are junk food


it seems Jenny is considering a different profession.

"Momma, i want to be a fireman. but i will need a pink fire hat. pink is for girls."


just a typical conversation with Jenny.

j---momma, when daddy mows the grass, will he cut up the bugs?"
k--no they will probably run away when they hear the mower"

j---"how will they run?"
k--"they'll use their legs"

j---"what kind of legs?"
k--"bug legs"

j---"what kind is that?"
k--"the kind that bugs have"

j---"where will the bugs go?"
k--"to their bug homes"

j---"where are their homes?"
k--"all over the yard"

j---"is that a bug?" (pointing at tree)
k--"no Jenny. that is a tree"

having 50 conversations like this in one day, every day, makes me unable to mentally function in society on a regular basis.


Cassie said...

That just made my day.

Phi Phi said...

What a girl!

Jenny said...

These are hilarious!!!